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Smoke/Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Zcombo-G



Keep your family safe with this battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide alarm; Battery powered alarms provide continuous monitoring of CO levels, even if there’s a power failure

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The z-wave smoke/co alarm can be implemented in residential and institutional applications. Installation settings include sleeping areas within hospitals, hotels, motels, dormitories and other multi-family dwellings that are defined in standard NFPA 101. The First Alert ZCOMBO-G Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector has been fully tested and complies with UL217, UL2034, CSFM, NFPA 720, NFPA 101 and other agencies that model their codes after the above agencies. The combination alarm meets building codes that require the use of a battery operated z-wave wireless smoke and co detector. This First Alert Z-Wave Combination Alarm includes silence features and meets the model building codes published by the ICC.


The First Alert Z-Wave Combo Alarm includes: an insect screened photoelectric smoke sensing chamber, electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, 85dB horn, supervised 3V (2 AA batteries) power supply, full function test switch and a silence feature. This combination alarm operates with 3rd party, certified Z-Wave devices enabled with the First Alert protocol and the basic command class required by all Z-Wave devices. Fulfilling the requirements set by the Device Class spec, this command class does not have to be mapped to any particular functionality for this device. The First Alert Z-Wave Combo Alarm supports one association group with up to 1 node and sends its alarms to that group. This alarm supports configuration parameter #1, which has a size of 1, a default value of 0 and when set to 1 causes the device to send double alarm messages.


The First Alert Z-Wave Enabled Battery Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Combo Alarm includes a battery drawer that prevents battery removal and tamper resistant locking pins that lock the alarm to the mounting bracket. This First Alert Combination Alarm is an ideal fit for any number of applications that include apartments, dormitories and hotels. Designed for wall or ceiling mounting, this alarm includes all of the required mounting anchors and screws needed for easy installation.


Description & Features

  • Keep your family safe with this battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide alarm; Battery powered alarms provide continuous monitoring of CO levels, even if there’s a power failure
  • Features an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensing technology as well as a photoelectric sensor that detects the larger particles of a smoldering fire
  • Indicator lights on the face of the unit display the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide, while an 85 decibel siren provides a clear, loud warning upon detection
  • Battery operated unit installs quickly and easily without an electrician. Low battery signal mute, quiets low battery signal for up to 8 hours
  • Simple to use, with a single test/silence button; EZ access battery drawer allows you to change battery without removing alarm from ceiling
  • 7 year limited warranty; Equipped with end of life signal chirp, so you know when it’s time to replace the unit for safety; All first alert alarms are rigorously tested to meet UL standards
  • It can ship within the US except New York
  • First Alert has been the most trusted brand in home safety since launching the first residential smoke alarm in 1958 (Based on a First Alert Brand Trust Survey in February 2018)


Technical Specifications

  • Z-wave compatible smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.
  • Works with the Ring Alarm Security Kit (not included)
    • Requires Ring Alarm to Work with Ring
    • Receive real-time notifications in the Ring App when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected
    • Automatically notifies Ring professional monitoring team to dispatch emergency responders to your home (requires Ring Protect Plus)
  • Certified for use with Nexia Home Intelligence and other 3rd party Z-Wave systems. (NOT WINK compatible)
  • Reliable electrochemical carbon monoxide and photoelectric smoke sensors.
  • Dual smoke & co sensing, ultimate protection from two deadly dangers.
  • Mute button, mutes unnecessary alarms immediately. Test alarm function with same button.
  • Tamper resistant – locks alarm to mounting bracket to prevent removal of battery and/or alarm.
  • End of life timer, alarm chirps when it is time to replace it.
  • 2 AA batteries included. Save 33% on annual battery replacement costs vs. other smoke/CO combo alarm brands that use 3 AA batteries.
  • Meets UL217 & UL2034 Standards.
  • Operating Voltage: 3V (Two 1.5V AA) Battery Powered
  • Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10 ft.
  • Wireless Range: 131.24 ft.
  • Wireless Frequency: Z-Wave 500 Series
  • Product Dimensions (LxH): 5 x 2 in.
  • Product Weight: .52 lbs.
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty.

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