You don’t need to be a superhero to protect what matters most.

Expansive smart home security & automation from a single, easy-to-use app.

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No delay in response due
to third-party monitoring.

Peace of Mind

Make your home come alive even
when you’re not there.


Manage 300+ security & automation
devices from a single app.

Ask yourself, are you concerned with…


Unsure if your entire home is secure?


Worried by the slow response from a third-party monitoring your home?


Frustrated by needing multiple apps to monitor your smart devices & security system?


Annoyed by upfront costs & hidden upcharges in other companies’ contracts?


Want an easy way to check if you shut the garage door without returning home?

Cost Savings

Curious how you can save on energy costs with your security system?

3 Steps to Smart Home Security


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Take a short quiz to learn which service package we suggest, and customize it to meet your exact needs. We’re here to help along the way.


Smart Protection

Control 300+ devices focusing on security, automation, and energy efficiency in one unified app.


Simple Setup

Install your system in just a few minutes, or let one of our pros do it for you via virtual support or an in-person visit.


The Problem: Home alarm systems are only turned on 20% of the time. Why?!

At Glow, we know you’re on a mission to protect what matters most. To do that, you need a security solution you trust to seamlessly fit into your life.

  • All-inclusive protection It’s not where you need it to be when you want to activate the system.
  • Too complex You’re scared you’re going to accidentally trigger an alarm.
  • Lack of trust It only protects a few windows and doors, so you don’t even bother. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.
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